Saturday, November 11, 2006

NaNoWriMo in a danish street in Darlington UK

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NaNoWriMo in Darlington UK

National Novel Writing Month - News and Radio:
"Today’s Guest: Annabel Townsend, chef and novelist

Posted by Tavia Stewart on 2006/11/10 2:35:01

Q: Annabel, you are chef and a NaNoWriMo novelist, plus you have transformed your café into a NaNoWriMo “noveling nirvana.”
In Arcadia Tarot Cafe

Working as a chef is a pretty time-consuming profession on its own. Could you tell us what writing your own novel while running a novel-writing headquarters might entail?

A: Well, since I spend all day talking too much to customers, 50,000 words doesn't sound too daunting. Darlington's noveling nirvana is situated at the In Arcadia Tarot Cafe in Darlington, in the north east of England. NaNoWriMo is proving to be very popular at In Arcadia! We now have 16 budding novelists, many of whom signed up at our mulled wine-fuelled Kick-Off Party last week.
In-Cafe discussions have included finding names for fictitious pubs, the links between vampirism and string theory, whether or not to include an as-of-yet unborn Zero-G kickboxing champion as a character, and whether me wearing my cow-shaped noveling hat contravenes Health and Safety rules in the cafe (I don't wear the hat, by the way, just in case). We're doing a special “bottomless coffee cup” for participants, but we're soon going to make it “motivational” coffee---you only get a refill after you've written"

in UK
on the first floor, above

In Arcadia
84 Skinnergate

used to be a danish place name
cf Skindergade cafe - Google Search
"with a K" in central Copenhagen
Skinnargatan - Google Search in Sweden