Saturday, May 20, 2006

site searches on Rootsweb

I tried to create a site specific search on google some years ago but the problem was the /tilde (and it still is - just been checking)

Enter the domain(s) to be searched
(google says)

There are approximately 18600 pages for

in our index.

There are approximately 362000 pages for in our index.

There are approximately 208 pages for in our index.


Please remove "/~hugh/" and re-enter just the domain*
* Google does not provide search over directories, just domains.
If you wish to provide search for a directory, please see our FAQ.

but many ISP s now present subdirectories as sub domains which would overcome this

or but that costs money

so I use
which only indexes part of this and my other sites

but was well worth doing to gain understanding of how a spider bot works
by setting it to work and reading its log


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