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music I hear wonderful music a choir if I dream under a fever when I dream of conductingan orchestra the playing is much better in tune than any pro symphony alt.dreams - Feb 9 1996, 10:54 pm by Hugh Watkins

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As if the Swedish PUL is not stupid enough, I read today from newspaper Iltasanomat that Denmark is planning a licence similar to TV licence on home computers. ... soc.culture.nordic - until Oct 28 1998
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smpt after pop yes this is why we like to work offline in Europe but Eudora Pro 4.1 is very economicalcollecting my mail very quickly and then disconnecting outlook expess ... - Feb 21 1999,

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Does Eudora 4.2 allow you to read newsgroups yet? I desperately need an iMac! newsreader with offline !!OFFLINE!! functionalityas good as Eudora Can anyone recomend a programme ... comp.mail.eudora.mac - Jul 6 1999,

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Faroese Yes of course if you mother speaks it every language is the most beautiful
I certainly love Faeroese and English and Danish too regards Hugh W soc.culture.nordic - Jul 9 1999

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What War ? The Boer War is changing its name slowly to the first or second South AfricanWar. How many names for the last few warsdo we know Oh ! ... soc.genealogy.britain - Aug 6 2003,

BRISTOLIANS ws Re: Family History Research BTW folks I have just changed servers to which is replacing CIS Berlin
this group has been broken on the old server or my ... soc.genealogy.britain - Aug 6 2003,

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dk. bienaer.historie Hvorfor får jeg ikke opp denne newsgruppen, når jeg søker på den. Denfinnes ikke i min oversikt, og jeg vet ikke hvordan jeg ... dk.videnskab.historie.genealogi - Feb 4 2005

test tested Hugh W microsoft.test - Sep 23 2004

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