Saturday, December 17, 2005

Multilingual genealogy web sites and Google

Genealogy of the family of Jean BERTRAND and Ren?e BOUCHEREAU

G?n?alogie de la famille Jean BERTRAND et Ren?e BOUCHEREAU

but google indexes mostly the french pages
I would like to know if other webmasters have met the same
problem as me.

My web site is bilingual. It has roughly the same material and
the same presentation in French and English. I generate words
around names with a home-made software.

Because it is genealogy, names are the same in both versions. But
the text is different. However, Google is indexing only the French
version and not the English version. Both are cross-linked so a
visitor can jump to the other version, but many of them just don't
catch what "English version" means and continue to visit the French

Multilingual genealogy web sites and Google - Google Groups


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