Friday, February 02, 2007

for the blogger team

first a very big

Please fix the upload of Portrait Images

copy pasted code from new blogger edit html to edit html

link to the new server
blogged by add url - does not display

copy pasted from yesterday's blog from viewing in the browser to composeg

on the old image server uploaded today for this blog

from copy pasted from browser window to compose

test failed above and below in portrait format

that was done as an experiment yesterday to see if the bug had been fixed
below as upload today for this blog

a more artistic use of a vertical panorama on the old image server

"Or add an image from the web"

and blogged from

click for BIG GIANT

The Custard Factory or Custard Factory

opened in summer 2002
"custard factory" - Google Search has lots more related sites

Birmingham's revolutionary new arts and media quarter, is a slice of the ideal city

photographs and walks

my fridge has NOT fallen over - beta blogger does not do portraits, which I forgot when uploading with ... posted by Hugh Watkins at 12:58 AM 0 Comments ... - 154k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages
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